Beginner Longboard Buying Guide

Beginner Longboard Buying Guide

Buying a longboard can prove to be a daunting task! There are endless shapes and sizes in the market; you can easily get light-headed just from sorting through the sea of options available to you.  

It even gets tougher when you are a rookie that is just trying to get a feel of longboarding!

Nevertheless, a longboard is a mix of components, and considering some of these features during shopping ensures that you walk home with the right gear for you. The following is a guide for choosing the appropriate longboard for beginners! 

Consider the Price

If you are just trying to get your feet wet and not yet sure whether you’ll remain true to the sport for the long haul, then you shouldn’t break the bank when you go to buy your first longboard. Ideally, you should invest in an entry-level model that would be suitable for a beginner. 

You can ask friends who have been in the sport for a while to help you choose or surf the internet to see which option will best suit you. You can find the best longboard for beginners under $50 that should give you the safe landing you are looking for!

What’s your Skill Level?

Generally, beginners are advised to pick bigger longboard designs that offer better balance. This will reduce the likelihood of you losing your footing every time you surf and subsequent foot injuries. Note that longboarding, just as many other sports, features various rider styles; and each rider has unique requirements from their longboard.

So, you want to determine the type of rider you want to be. This will come in handy when contemplating between longboard designs. Generally, there are four major longboarder types. For a newbie, the ideal option would be a cruiser. This is generally easier to get acclimated to and will be the ideal starting point for you!

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Deck Styles

Deck style is a crucial area of concern as it can determine the stability of your longboard. The appropriate deck style also enhances braking efficiency and simplifies pushing the board on flat ground. Typically, a lower board will be more stable, hence this will be a more convenient choice for a beginner with limited skills. A higher board is more technical to ride and should be left for the more experienced enthusiasts. 

The flex of the Longboard

Several factors determine the board flex and these range from laminates, length, and material to degree of concave of the longboard. Generally, a combination of these four factors results in three types of flex: medium, soft, and stiff. 

Experts advocate that the soft board makes a great option for mellow cruising and pulling off board tricks while the medium boards are best for commuting, carving, and laid-back cruising. Finally, if you are looking to speed down a slope while free riding, then you should choose a stiff board flex. 

The shape of the Longboard

As you go through available longboard options while searching on the internet, you’ll notice the difference in shapes of the models. Always try to consider a shape that’s not just the most attractive but also practical for you. Overall, there are two main kinds of longboard shapes; directional and symmetrical. 

Longboards with directional shape work well for those who want to go fast and forward. This makes them the right option for cruisers, downhill, as well as some freestyle riders. On the other hand, twin longboards will be more appropriate for freestylers and free riders. 

Necessary Gear

Longbaording can be a risky sport! There are a variety of accessories that you should have on to enhance your safety, especially when you are still learning your way around the board. Foot-stops are needed to keep both your front and rear foot in position and allow for stability. 

Nose or tail guards serve to protect the longboard’s tail when it runs into hard objects while risers are made out of hard plastic that helps to shield you from wheel-bite. You’ll also need shock pads-these are a softer version of risers and aid in suppressing vibrations and potential shock. 

Final Thought

If you are thinking of becoming a longboarder, your first gear must give you the best introduction to the sport. The above post offers you a precise guide into what you should prioritize when searching for the best longboard for beginners!