Finding the Right Size and Style of Shutters

Choosing the right shutters for your home is an important initial step. Make sure you choose the right size shutters for your windows. Generally, shutters should match the height of the window or door you are embellishing.

Basic black shutters offer you a simple, stylish look for most homes. There are other choices. They’re available in a number of colors and lengths. Most have color matched mounting hardware. Vinyl has become the most popular choice. It resists fading, rot, peeling and breaking. The woodgrain finish with routed edges provides a real wood appearance.

Great to Know

Shutters are not for curb appeal. Consider them for the back of your house where you probably spend the majority of your time.

How to Install Exterior Shutters
Well first you need a company that can help you with removing existing shutters. We recommend these guys for curtain installation in Omaha.

If the previous walls are securely fastened to the home, do not pry or pull them off since this may damage the exterior wall. If at all possible, use shears or a saw to get behind the shutter and cut the fasteners.

Installing fresh shutters

Hold the shutter beside the window in the spot that appears best and push a pencil through the holes to mark where to place your screws. Use the pencil marks in your house for a guide for drilling pilot holes for your screws. Then use a drill to secure the shutter to your house with screws. Do not overtighten.

To prevent warping, do not attach the dividers closely. Also, drill the hole at the siding 1/4 inch larger than the fastener.

Attaching to masonry: You are going to require a masonry bit and masonry wall anchors or suitable spikes (if supplied with shutters.

Painting Shutters

Wooden shutters could be primed or painted any color, according to customer preference. For vinyl shutters, first, prepare the surface with a plastic primer product. Apply by following the instructions on the can. Wait the required amount of time and use paint to the shutters. For optimum results, use an exterior oil based paint or exterior latex paint.

Pay attention: Paint drying time varies because of weather conditions. Painting fresh dividers may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. Some shutters cannot be painted or stained.