Company History

Innovative Ventures Back by an Inventive Staff with Entrepreneurial Passion

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At The Inventure Group, we have a passion for creating specialty snack foods that are innovative, delicious and – above all – Intensely Different™. Our primary objective is to provide you with delicious, high-quality products that are fun, whether you’re among friends or just enjoying one of our tasty snack foods alone in front of the television.

From kettle-cooked potato chips to seasoned steak strips, the distinct taste and quality of our Intensely Different™ brands have created loyal followings in regions throughout the United States.

Growth at The Inventure Group begins with being innovative, which we believe creates more fun and a great working environment. We care enough to make superior products and are committed to bringing you the industry’s most original, best-tasting, better-for-you snack foods.

This dedication is demonstrated by our goal of being a leading marketer and manufacturer of Intensely Different™ snack food brands. We plan on accomplishing this objective by keeping associates, consumers, customers, shareholders and suppliers reaching for more of our unique snack foods, while enhancing the four cornerstones of our success .


While working as engineers installing and servicing bagging machines in snack food plants through the United States, Jay Poore and his older brother, Don, saw first-hand the finer details involved with potato-chip production. What they noticed during that time was a perceived void in the marketplace.

As a result, the brothers decided to develop their own snack brand by creating a kettle-cooked chip that was thicker than traditional varieties. So, in 1983, Bob’s Texas Style Potato Chips was born. After only three years, the chips became so popular with consumers that the brothers sold the business to a partner, moved to Arizona and launched the Poore Brothers brand. Starting with only a single kettle and one delivery truck, they relied on sampling and word-of-mouth advertising to grow the business.

The strategy paid off and, in 1996, the company went public with the help of a private investment group. Soon after the IPO, acquisitions started when Bob’s Texas Style Potato Chips was bought back in 1998. A Bluffton, Indiana, facility – the location where T.G.I. Friday’s snack foods are produced – was acquired in 1999, and the Boulder Canyon brand was purchased in 2000.

In May 2006, as part of the transition from a regional potato chip producer to a national marketer of snack foods, the Poore Brothers name was replaced with The Inventure Group to create a corporate identity that more closely reflects our diverse lineup of innovative consumer brands sold both nationally and internationally.